Moise Lycee a.k.a Moe Waveyy was born on Dec.24th 1991. He was raised in a single parent home with his sick mother in a low income apartment in Spring Valley NY. He began rapping at age 11 after winning a rap contest sponsored by Bow Wow. In 2006 he moved to Orlando FL where he continued to record music. In 2010 Moe Waveyy decided to pursue rap seriously. Throughout the years he has made a fanbase online thanks to his variety of mixtapes and videos titled "Waveyy's World". Gaining more recognition each year for his chill flows and catchy hooks, his latest music video even landed on Worldstarhiphop and his new mixtape landed on livemixtapes . After an enlightening experience in 2013 he continues to strive for the best, and plans on covering more conscious topics in his new songs and projects from this point on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Feelin' Jazzy

I'ma start releasing songs for ya at least twice a mixtape in 2014 tho, just a real Jazzy 7 track EP.
The EP won't reflect of the sound of the album I'm working on... Look out for some itunes singles late winter too. Do your part & support it :-)
I really enjoy making music that makes people feel happy, relaxed, inspired and motivated.

'Rhythm & Waves' EP coming in the winter.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

In Due Time...

Since the release of my last project, a lot of my followers have been asking where I've been or where the new music has been. The truth of the matter is, I'm working on it. Unlike my previous songs, I've changed up my writing methods and I'm also expanding my horizons...I want to experience more things, see more, and gain more knowledge. I've also been recording at a new studio so I'm just getting everything situated there. My team and I are working on a few concepts for some videos to shoot for the Recognition mixtape that dropped so hold on for that. New visuals, and music will drop in due time. Just be patient with me and I'll provide that good QUALITY music we all love.  ~ Moe                          

Monday, September 23, 2013

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